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Nakamura Chocolates

Our Story

Below is a summary of Nakamura Chocolates co-director, Marlon Schoep, 

talking about the origins of Nakamura Chocolates at a workshop in 2020.

"Hi, my name is Marlon, a director of Nakamura Chocolates, and I have been asked to tell you a little about our story. Nowadays, Nakamura Chocolate is celebrated for its beautiful designs and iconic flavours. However, ironically, it started with two disenfranchised ‘salary workers’ doing 9 to 5s in the grey concrete jungle of Tokyo, those two workers were Yuki and I. And at that time, we looked at the lives of people around us and we both realized that people needed more than that life, and that people deserved more than that life … so we began our search for how we could bring colour to the world.

To find answers we started looking at what moments in our childhood had been the most special, that were always full of joy, and one kept coming back to us. It was a memory of shared anticipation, excitement, pleasure and being fully present. You may share a similar memory. How did you feel when a spectacular birthday cake came out at a party, or your family or friends bought you a special ice-cream, or … or someone came home with a box of chocolates which you opened together? So, Nakamura Chocolates was born as a celebration of this experience. It carries Yuki's family name and crest, and we decided that each box of chocolates had to inspire delight, each chocolate be a marvel, and each flavour taste exquisite.

In Australia Nakamura Chocolates has been running since 2008. It has won various awards for its packaging, chocolate craftsmanship and flavours and in 2019 it was a finalist in the WA Export Awards. This was because in 2017 Hon Takasagoya (a 140 year old Japanese confectionary company) partnered with us and Yuki became the face of Nakamura Chocolates Japan which produces and sells chocolates all over the Japanese archipelago. Now we commission local artists, partner with artisan food makers and champion Australian ingredients. And every day someone brings a box of chocolates home to their family, or gives it to a friend and … there is colour."

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