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Nakamura Chocolates Australian Box
Nakamura Chocolates Australian Box
Nakamura Chocolates Australian Ingredien



Ever since making my home in Australia, I have been enchanted by its people and its land.   In my mind, Australia is a truly special and unique place, and as a chocolatier I am interested in the relationship between my ingredients and the place they are grown in.  The more I talked with people about the uniqueness of the native flora, the more I began to realise that this country has a wealth of native flavours just waiting to be re-explored and captured in gourmet chocolates.

Nakamura Chocolates - Coastal Rosemary &

Coastal Rosemary
& Jarrah Honey

The distinct sweetness of fresh Jarrah Honey lingers on the front of the palate  as qualities of coastal rosemary and milk chocolate slowly develop into a full-bodied richness that leaves the impression of a summer morning.

Nakamura Chocolates - Murray River Pink

Murray River
Pink Salt Caramel

The Murray River Region produces a pink salt with unique minerals.  This salt has a delightful softness that balances wonderfully with fresh caramel.  

Nakamura Chocolates - Strawberry gum & A

Strawberry Gum
& Aniseed Myrtle

The subtle tones of strawberry gum swirl with a robust dark chocolate.   As the character develops, eucalyptus notes come to the forefront followed by the soft flavours of aniseed myrtle.

Nakamura Chocolates - Finger lime & Coco

Finger Lime
& Coconut

From Pemberton in the southwest of WA, this Australian finger lime produces an exquisitely clear citrus flavour which dances playfully through the full and nutty flavours of coconut and dark chocolate. 

Nakamura Chocolates - Roasted Wattle See

Roasted Wattleseed 
& Macadamia Nut

The clean flavour of sweet Australian macadamia nuts is perfectly balanced against the earthy tenor of roasted wattle seeds and a dark chocolate ganache. This is a truly unique Australian flavour combination.

Nakamura Chocolates - Davidson Plum & Ch

Davidson Plum

& Chestnut

The Davidson plum has a crisp and delicate sourness that lingers on the tip of the tongue, producing a scintillating highlight to the full and bitter flavours of a dark chocolate ganache.

Nakamura Chocolates - Quandong & Blood P

& Blood Peach

Quandong gives the milk chocolate a slight bitterness and earthiness that underlies the warm fruity tones of blood peach. Together these create a soft flavour that melts across the whole palate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Forest Mint & Mang

Forest Mint
& Mango

Subtle hints of Australian forest mint sit atop floral and fruity tones of mango. They form a refreshing flavour that is perfectly complemented by bittersweet dark chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Riberry & Spiced O

Riberry &
Spiced Orange

The full clovelike flavour of riberries combines with spices to add a perfect layer of warmth under the fruity mood of orange.    As the flavours develop a slight tartness from riberries forms on the top of the palate to add a refreshing highlight.  

Nakamura Chocolates - Lemon Myrtle & Euc

Lemon Myrtle
& Eucalyptus

A rich chocolate ganache has been infused with accents of lemon myrtle and Eucalyptus. Combined with an earthy dark chocolate, these flavours speak of the Australian bush. 

The artwork

The artwork on the box is by Australian based artist Claire Ishino. It represents the tuart tree, which is unique to  the coastal plains of southwestern Australia. The Nyoongar people value the tree for shelter and older trees provide hollows for the famous black cockatoos to nest in. The tuart’s limbs can be used to fashion didgeridoos.

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