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As a chocolatier, I have always felt deeply touched and humbled by messages of thanks from people who have enjoyed our chocolates. Over time,  I realized that their stories were not only about the pleasure of chocolates, but also about celebrating milestones and the families and friends they shared them with. From this thought, the  Celebration Selection was born; a selection of celebratory flavours from around the world to honour one of the most important things in life, those we celebrate with.

Nakamura Chocolates - Smoked Coverture


& Lavender

The sweet bitterness of bergamot orange is perfectly offset by the warmth of milk chocolate and lavender to create a deeply satisfying chocolate that leaves a zesty surprise on the tip of the tongue.



Stunningly set in a deep red chocolate with an 18 ct gold accent, a rich ganache holds the exquisite and timeless flavour of roses. A true delight.



The Sacher Torte was originally made for Prince Metternich of Austria.  This gold and royal blue dark chocolate captures the complexity of the Vienna Torte's celebrated flavours.

Mascarpone &

The combination of fresh marscarpone, cocao and rich espresso send soft and bitter flavours into a timeless dance captured in Italian deserts over the last century.

Whiskey &
Smoked Oak

Crushed cocao beans and aged whiskey swirl within a hand-smoked dark couverture to fill the whole palate with a rich and powerful experience.​


The rich distinct flavours of Manjimup Black Truffles blend with the floral tones of dark chocolate. These grow in intensity to a  bitter-sweet climax.

Fig &


Beautifully set within dark chocolate, an earthy walnut mousse cradles the bright tones of green fig. Together they suffuse the palate with a robust summer flavour.

Pear & 

The unique texture of pear fruit allows the light flavours of chardonnay and pear to flow into the robust and nutty tones of dark chocolate, creating a tasting experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Saffron & 
Coconut Soufflé

The unique light texture of this milk chocolate holds the delicate flavour of young coconut nestled in perfect harmony with the slight sweetness of the saffron.

Strawberry &

A modern classic pairing of flavours, the crisp and delicate accents of strawberry are buoyed up by the champagne, which develops towards the back of the pallet.

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