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From the great forest in the south to the stunning deserts in the red centre and tropical rainforests in the north, Australia has a unique and wonderfully diverse landscape. From this ecological wealth spring a myriad of ingredients. Long recognized by First Nations peoples for their exceptional flavour and nutritional value, I have always felt it is important to share these very special ingredients with you, so I have sourced this produce ingredients from local harvesters and growers. 

Health Benefits

It appears that Australia’s distinctive and often harsh environments have produced a range of ingredients that possess an unusually high variety of health benefits.   As a result, many of the ingredients below are known as superfoods. Who says chocolates can’t be healthy!

Nakamura Chocolates - Coastal Rosemary &

Jarrah Honey

Nakamura Chocolates - Murray River Pink Salt & Caramel.png

Murray River
Pink Salt

Nakamura Chocolates - Strawberry gum & Aniseed Myrtle.png

Strawberry Gum

Nakamura Chocolates - Finger lime & Coconut.png

Pemberton Fingerlimes

Nakamura Chocolates - Roasted Wattle Seed & Macadamia Nut.png

Wattleseed & Macadamia Nut

Nakamura Chocolates - Davidson Plum & Chestnut.png

Davidson Plum

Nakamura Chocolates - Quandong & Blood Peach.png


Nakamura Chocolates - Forest Mint & Mango.png

Forest Mint

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Dwellingup Jarrah Honey

Jarrah trees grow in the majestic forests of southwestern Western Australia. Every two years, the trees near the town of Dwellingup produce delicate white blossoms which provide a rich source of nectar for honeybees. The resulting honey has a rich medium to dark amber colour with a deep and complex flavour. This honey is highly prized for its distinct flavour and natural healing properties.

Nakamura Chocolates - Jarrah Honey 1
Jarrah Honey

Strawberry Gum

The Strawberry Gum is a type of eucalypt native to the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales in Australia.  It’s red tinted leaves are also known as ‘forest berry’ herb because of sweet berry like flavour when chewed.

Nakamura Chocolates - Strawberry Gum
Strawberry Gum


From the Southern Finders Ranges, our wattleseed are wild-harvested from Acacia trees.  When roasted, these seeds produce a truly unique flavour, somewhere between aromatic coffee and rich cocoa. Wattleseeds have been used for over       40 000 years by the indigenous of Australia in a range of foods, including a high-fibre damper.

Wattleseed & Nut

Macadamia Nut

Macadamias originated over 60 million years ago in the rainforests of Australia's east coast. They are now prized the world over for their sweet flavour and velvety texture.



Widely dispersed throughout the central deserts and southern areas of Australia, quandong is also known as the desert peach. Its flavour has been described as simultaneously sour, sweet and salty, making is truly special in the culinary landscape.


Murray River
Pink Salt

The ancient aquifers of the Murray River produce one of the world's most pristine and distinctive salts. With its iconic pink hue, Murray River Pink Salt has a highly celebrated delicate flavour that are unique to the highly mineralized pristine brines of this region.

Nakamura Chocolates - Murray Pink River
Murray River Pink Salt


The cool Mediterranean climate and fertile earth of Pemberton nurture some of the world’s largest trees. The deep red loam soils and crystal-clear streams also provide the very special conditions needed to grow these native Australian finger limes with their unique pink flesh and sweet, yet intensely zesty-citrus flavour.

Pemberton Fingelimes

Davidson Plum

Found in the rainforests of northern Australia, this bright purple fruit with its burgundy-coloured flesh has a tart flavour with sweety musky undertones.

Davidson Plum

Forrest Mint

Australia has some of the cleanest creeks in the word, and along their cool and shaded banks, sweet smelling forest mint can be found. This aromatic herb has a punchy flavour, somewhere between peppermint and spearmint and since the earliest times, aboriginals have used it for its refreshing and cooling flavour. 

Forest Mint
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