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Nakamura Chocolates Dark Box
Nakamura Chocolates Dark Box



For me, dark chocolate has always held so much character. You can taste the type of cocao beans, where they were grown and how they were dried. Its wonderful bittersweet quality interacts with other ingredients in magical ways, often siting in a balanced tension with them. This complexity has inspired the Dark Selection. It embodies my passion for sharing exquisite chocolates and I truly hope you enjoy it.

Nakamura Chocolates - Hazelnut Honey


Manuka honey sits in a ganache surrounding a whole hazelnut. The soft and full flavours are perfectly balanced as they richly unfold across your senses.

Nakamura Chocolates - Toasted Coconut &

Toasted Coconut 
& Madagascar Dark

The sweet softness of coconut dances with the bitter tones of dark chocolate. The resulting flavour is full and in perfect balance.

Nakamura Chocolates - Himalayan Salt Car

Himalayan Salt 

An age old favourite, warm sweet caramel sits opposite a salty edge. As the dark chocolate melts, it unites the two flavours in a bitter-sweet symphony.​

Nakamura Chocolates - Pistachio


& Marzipan

An old favourite, the richness of the marzipan is softened by pistachio and finished by the exquisite sharpness of the dark chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Vanilla Macchiato


Roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate  fill the mouth with whole and robust sensations, the delicious weight of which linger across the palate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Japan Cherry Bloss


Cherry Blossom

A truly unique chocolate made from the petals of Japanese cherry blossoms whose warm mellow flavour cushions the singing notes of  the dark chocolate's acidity.

Nakamura Chocolates - Lemon Mint 2.png



A hand-dipped chocolate in which unexpected and exquisite flavours emerge from the combination of fresh lemon and mint with dark chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Cardamom & Orange

Cardamom &

The rich tones of dark chocolate are intensified by cardamom spice. Atop this sit citrus notes from Grand Marnier. The flavours move to the back of the palate for a bittersweet finish.

Nakamura Chocolates - Jasmine & Orange B

Jasmin &
Orange Blossoms

A wonderfully playful flavour reminiscent of spring, the bergamot orange and jasmine swirl on the tongue in a rich ganache, set in a dark and slightly bitter chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Wood Berries

Wood Berries

​An elegant chocolate in design and taste. Strawberries and raspberries give the ganache the flavour of the woods. It is set in a rich dark chocolate.

The artwork

The artwork on the box is by Claire Ishino and represents Australia’s national flower, the Golden Wattle. Apart from stunning clusters of bright yellow flowers, wattles produce a sweet gum which can be sucked or chewed when warmed up and the bark  is used to treat a variety of ailments.  Some claim the national colours of Australia, green and gold,  have their origins with this famous wattle.

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