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Nakamura Chocolates Chocolatier Box
Nakamura Chocolates Chocolatier Box



When I first started making chocolates, people would often ask me which ones I would recommend. This made me feel surprised, as I didn’t know what they would like.  But, as I travelled the world and tasted pieces from master chocolatiers, I learnt that an artisan chocolatier must value their own voice if they want to give true character to a chocolate. So, I created the Chocolatier Selection which has many of my original recipes that are my favourite and I know you will enjoy.

Nakamura Chocolates - Coverture
Nakamura Chocolates - Golden Caramel.png


Decorated to resemble Japanese Roku pottery, the flavour of fresh caramel lingers on the front of the palate until softened by the melting of milk chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Green Tea & Strawb

& Green Tea

White chocolate and green tea create a mature and rich back - ground for the fresh flavours of a strawberry confiture to play upon.

Nakamura Chocolates - Yuzu & Thyme.png

& Thyme

Yuzu is a traditional Japanese citrus fruit. The bitterness of the yuzu is mellowed by thyme in a rich ganache, complemented perfectly by milk chocolate and 18kt gold.

Nakamura Chocolates - Pistachio & Marzip


& Marzipan

An old favourite, the richness of the marzipan is softened by pistachio and finished by the exquisite sharpness of the dark chocolate.

Copy of Nakamura Chocolates - Jasmine &

Jasmine & 
Orange Blossoms

A wonderfully playful flavour reminiscent of spring, the bergamot orange and jasmine swirl on the tongue in a rich ganache, set in a dark and slightly bitter chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Classic


An old favourite, milk chocolate and a rich chocolate crème smoothly roll over your tongue for an experience of pure pleasure.

Nakamura Chocolates - White Sesame.png


The richness of white sesame has long been celebrated for its robust and nutty flavour, which blends seamlessly with the milk chocolate for a unique treat.

Nakamura Chocolates - Wood Berries.png


​An elegant chocolate in design and taste. Strawberries and raspberries give the ganache the flavour of the woods. It is set in a rich dark chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Hazelnut Cut Prali

Cut Praline

Smooth milk chocolate surrounds the delicious and textually interesting combination of hazelnut and slightly crunchy feuilletine. 

Lemon Mint.png

Lemon Mint

A hand-dipped chocolate in which unexpected and exquisite flavours emerge from the combination of fresh lemon and mint with dark chocolate.

The artwork

The artwork on the box is by Australian based artist Claire Ishino. It represents the jarrah tree, which is unique to  the coastal plains of southwestern Australia. Aboriginal peoples used its dark wood to make tools, such as spears & digging sticks, and the bark  and leaves were used to treat fevers and snake bites.

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