Nakamura Chocolates Chocolatier Box
Nakamura Chocolates Chocolatier Box



When I first started making chocolates, people would often ask me which ones I would recommend. This made me feel surprised, as I didn’t know what they would like.  But, as I travelled the world and tasted pieces from master chocolatiers, I learnt that an artisan chocolatier must value their own voice if they want to give true character to a chocolate. So, I created the Chocolatier Selection which has many of my original recipes that are my favourite and I know you will enjoy.

Nakamura Chocolates - Coverture
Nakamura Chocolates - Golden Caramel.png


Decorated to resemble Japanese Roku pottery, the flavour of fresh caramel lingers on the front of the palate until softened by the melting of milk chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Green Tea & Strawb

& Green Tea

White chocolate and green tea create a mature and rich back - ground for the fresh flavours of a strawberry confiture to play upon.

Nakamura Chocolates - Yuzu & Thyme.png

& Thyme

Yuzu is a traditional Japanese citrus fruit. The bitter- ness of the yuzu is mellowed by thyme in a rich ganache, complemented perfectly by milk chocolate and 18kt gold.

Nakamura Chocolates - Pistachio & Marzip


& Marzipan

An old favourite, the richness of the marzipan is softened by pistachio and finished by the exquisite sharpness of the dark chocolate.

Copy of Nakamura Chocolates - Jasmine &

Jasmine & 
Orange Blossoms

A wonderfully playful flavour reminiscent of spring, the bergamot orange and jasmine swirl on the tongue in a rich ganache, set in a dark and slightly bitter chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Classic


An old favourite, milk chocolate and a rich chocolate crème smoothly roll over your tongue for an experience of pure pleasure.

Nakamura Chocolates - White Sesame.png


The richness of white sesame has long been celebrated for its robust and nutty flavour, which blends seamlessly with the milk chocolate for a unique treat.

Nakamura Chocolates - Wood Berries.png


​An elegant chocolate in design and taste. Strawberries and raspberries give the ganache the flavour of the woods. It is set in a rich dark chocolate.

Nakamura Chocolates - Hazelnut Cut Prali

Cut Praline

Smooth milk chocolate surrounds the delicious and textually interesting combination of hazelnut and slightly crunchy feuilletine. 

Lemon Mint.png

Lemon Mint

A hand-dipped chocolate in which unexpected and exquisite flavours emerge from the combination of fresh lemon and mint with dark chocolate.