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Nakamura Chocolates
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Every egg supports Birdlife Australia*


Easter 2022


"This year I have made 300 very special eggs that I hope you will enjoy"  

Each year, the Nakamura Chocolates Easter Selection is inspired by the delicate eggs of vulnerable Australian birds. This year it was the egg of the Hooded Plover, which can be found along the sandy edges of Australia’s majestic beaches and salt lakes.  Each shining chocolate egg is decorated with 24K gold accents and symbolize new life and the hope this brings.


On Easter


"As an artisan chocolatier, I want to create Easter eggs that are in essence special and unforgettable. My inspiration has been the joy chocolates can bring.  So, while I work, I hold this simple image in my mind: a beautiful box passes between hands, and as it is opened, eyes widen in wonder, a face lights up and a true gift has been received. I sincerely hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Easter."   


At Nakmaura Chocolates we

strongly believe in the conservation of the world's flora and fauna, so $2 from the purchase of each product will be donated to BirdLife Australia's vital bird and habitat conservation programs. 

Pictured is the egg of the Hooded Plover.

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There is a limited number of eggs, so  please contact or visit a stockist as soon as possible to avoid missing out.  

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