The boxes contain six small ganache filled dark eggs and one large milk egg, each having been hand decorated by Chocolatier Nakamura. The designs themselves are a product of long experimentation and the careful application of skill. The freshly made chocolate and ganache are of the highest quality, making them an exquisite treat for any chocolate connoisseur.

The eggs are exquisitely packaged in beautifully designed boxes and sealed with the Nakamura family crest. The design of which represents the paulownia tree, also known as the "princess tree". When the seal is set, Chocolatier Nakamura places full faith in the quality of her work.

The box is wrapped with a light cloth known as a Furoshiki. Traditionally cloths have been used to wrap and carry presents in Japan. This Furoshiki is decorated with a stylized pattern, and has been used to create a sense of calm before delighting in the contents