Enjoy the subtle flavours of fine chocolate. Nakamura Chocolates offers tasting sessions exploring elegant chocolate flavours that have originated from the world’s most famous cocoa growing regions.  Guests will use a range of senses to identify each flavour’s essence and the fundamentals of what makes good chocolate.

Host a chocolate tasting experience

Being able to fully savour what life has to offer and then share these experiences with your friends is one of life's great joys. This is exactly what chocolate tasting is about: sitting down with others, carefully selecting chocolates and then sharing your enjoyment.

If you are having a special event or a unique dinner and would like to give your guests a wonderful treat, Chocolatier Nakamura will come to you and conduct an intimate tasting session. Your guests will be delighted to meet Chocolatier Nakamura as she explores the world of chocolate and humanities love affair with it. 

Guests will enjoy some of Chocolatier Nakamura's finest creations and a range of exotic couverture made with cocoa grown in different regions around the globe, such as Venezuela, Mexico, Sao Tome, and Brazil. Delight in learning how to truly take pleasure in the most subtle characteristics of the best of chocolates.
What is the experience?

The tasting sessions begins with an introduction to chocolate, its history and how it is used in modern day chocolates. Then, the you will delve into the diversity of flavour by tasting five 'origins chocolates' from different regions around the world, during participants will  learn to describe flavours and how they move through the palate. Next, tasters will move to examining pralines and how to enjoy the sophisticated interplay of senses these offer. Finally, Chocolatier Nakamura will guide tasters through a heightened tasting experiences with the use of music. Workshops last approximately 50 minutes.

Costs *

Set up fee Cost per participant
 $ 90  $ 25 

* There is a minimum of 6 participants and 7 days notice for cancellations