The Story of the Australian Selection

Ever since making my home in Australia, I have been enchanted by its people and its land.   In my mind, Australia is a truly special and unique place, and as a chocolatier I am interested in the relationship between my ingredients and the land they are grown in.  The more I talked to people about the uniqueness of the native flora and fauna, the more I began to realize that this country had a wealth of native flavours just waiting to be explored.  

When I thought about how much Australia has given me, I decided that it was only fitting that I embark an exploration to create chocolates that were truly about this place. So, in early 2012 I set about gathering all the bush ingredients I could with the view to finish in six months. In hindsight, I was a little naïve and did not realize how much time this endeavour would take.  Many of these ingredients had not been used for chocolates before and I had to explore a whole range of new techniques to capture the unique flavours. 
 The next year involved experiment upon experiment and finally I had captured the basic flavours I wanted to use for the first chocolates. Then I started blending flavours and rewriting the recipes over and over again while at the same time developing the chocolate designs.    Finally, a year and a half later, I had four chocolates and four designs.  My friends and family tried them, but I needed to know if the people would love them. I decided that the real test was to be the IGA Royal Show since its judges are respected local and national chocolate tasters.

Nakamura Chocolates entered the four new chocolates into the Chocolates Competition, up against Western Australia’s best professional chocolate makers. At the award evening I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous.  I was so relieved when each of  the chocolates you see below received the gold prize for their 
respective categories and Nakamura Chocolates’ Wattleseed and Macadamia Nuts was awarded the Champion Chocolate for 2013.

Four chocolates made with Australian bush ingredients had won! All the time and work had paid off.  I felt intensely proud and grateful for being able to create unique chocolates that were in their own small way a testimony to the country I love. 

                                                               - Yuki Nakamura -