The First Nakamura Chocolates Selection
The mixed selection was Nakamura Chocolates' first offering to chocolate lovers and it grew out of Chocolatier Nakamura's desire to give connoisseurs of chocolate an experience that was rich in every sense. 

Since she was a child, Yuki Nakamura had collected chocolates and their boxes.  What she had come to find was that although they looked luxurious, their modern designs  and plain chocolates were cold and aloof, lacking the character and the expression of the chocolate maker.   Chocolatier Nakamura wanted caste aside the serious conventions that had come to symbolize luxury chocolates and, instead, capture life, colour and beauty in the ceremony of chocolate tasting. As a result, the first Nakamura Chocolate selection became about the experience of chocolates.
When opening a box of Nakamura Chocolates, firstly the chocolate connoisseur lays their eyes on the box with its  graceful and playful design that echo the refined traditions of Japanese presentation.  To open the box,  the seal is broken, the chord removed and lid carefully put aside. The chocolate taster then parts the paper covering the chocolates to view the chocolates. After enjoying the beauty of the designs, a chocolate is chosen and connoisseur begins the tasting process, enjoying the shine, aroma, snap, melt, and texture of the chocolate, before immersing themselves in how the flavour moves through the palate and plays on the senses. 

With the assorted selection, Chocolatier Nakamura created a ceremony of chocolate tasting which celebrates the joy of being part of experiences that truly makes life richer.