Chocolatier Nakamura

Upon returning from Paris to Tokyo, Taihei Nakamura brought home a box of chocolates for his 6 year old daughter,  Yuki Nakamura.  With this Chocolatier Nakamura's passion for chocolates was born. After several years in Canada exploring her passion, she completed her formal training at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School after which she took a position in the kitchen of Choux Café.

Yuki continued to practice and study, honing her skills, designs and recipes, then treating people to her unique luscious fillings set in beautifully crafted chocolates.  It wasn’t until her move to Australia that she decided to share her chocolates with all, opening Nakamura Chocolates.

Nakamura Chocolate's Values

Chocolates are a joy of life.  Each piece embodies centuries of tradition, expressed by the skill and personal touch of the chocolate artisan.  The experience of a chocolate is not only of luxury and superb ingredients, but also of beautiful packaging and the practice of true service.  So much does Yuki Nakamura believe in these values as a Chocolatier, that she uses her most precious symbols to guarantee them: her family name and crest.