For the third time in four years, Nakamura Chocolates has won Champion Chocolate, the top prize at the annual IGA Royal Show chocolate competition. Each year, chocolatiers from across the state enter this prestigious competition and this year Nakamura Chocolates trumped the field with its Australian Flavours box collection.

Nakamura Chocolates was founded five years ago by Yuki Nakamura, who insists that the key to her quality chocolates is that she makes them all by hand in her small professional kitchen in suburban Coolbellup. ‘I am an artisan chocolatier, and as such, my craft lies in what my hands create.  If I were to stop making chocolates myself, I would no longer be putting ‘essence’ into them, and they would merely become manufactured goods,’ she said of her decision not to expand the business. Her methods allow her to consistently deliver fresh chocolates to the delight of the connoisseur, and to experiment with unique flavours, only releasing them when she is satisfied with their perfection, as is the case with her Australian Flavours.

 Nakamura Chocolates’ box of Australian Flavours contains 10 exquisite hand decorated chocolates, superbly packaged in a box bearing a Japanese motif based on Australia’s national flower, the Golden Wattle. Each chocolate incorporates a unique Australian bush ingredient, giving rise to previously unexplored exciting new flavours. When asked what makes her chocolates so special, Nakamura explained, ‘When creating chocolates, my only desire is to give people a special experience for all the senses. So, the chocolates must be beautifully packaged and designed, and the flavours must use the freshest local ingredients combined in such a way that they bring true pleasure’. 

It is this dedication to uniqueness and perfection that makes Nakamura Chocolates so alluring. They are chocolates that are once again a special treat, to be delighted in together with friends and family, appreciating their gorgeous colours, haggling over who will have which flavour and delighting in the unexpected. The greatest challenge is returning the lid to save some for another day. While Nakamura hopes to continue winning prizes, she says her greatest hope is to bring delight to people’s lives through her chocolates. 

Yuki Nakamura and her partner, Marlon Schoep

Nakamura Chocolates would like to say a special thanks to the Royal Agricultural Society and the Dairy Industry of Western Australia for their support and the opportunities their recognition offers.

Champion Chocolates in 2013

For the second year running Nakamura Chocolates has been awarded the prize for Champion Chocolate from the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia at the 2013 IGA Royal Show.

Since 1834 the Royal Show has been where Western Australia’s producers have had the chance to show off their best and finest produce and this year has been no exception.  As Western Australia has grown there has been an increase in lovers of fine gourmet chocolates, reflected by the number of high quality entries for judging. 

In 2012, the ‘new kid on the block’, Nakamura Chocolates, took away the prize of Champion Chocolate and this year has proven that Chocolatier Nakamura’s talent is not just a flash in the pan, with four Gold Awards and the coveted Champion Chocolate Prize for 2013.

Chocolatier Nakamura tells us a little of her journey over the past year. 

‘Since our success at the show last year, Nakamura Chocolates has had a lot of business.  But, we took the unusual step of downsizing the business to really focus on making gourmet chocolate.   This meant that I could start work on some truly unique flavours. ’ 

‘I love the Australian bush and for a long time I have wanted to use Australian native ingredients to create chocolates that had never been tasted before in the world. It took more than a year and hundreds of chocolates, but at the end we had 4 new flavours: Roasted Wattleseed and Macadamia Nuts, Coastal Rosemary and Jarrah Honey, Lemon Myrtle and Eucalyptus, Forest Mint and Mango. ’ 

When Yuki Nakamura was asked whether she had thought she would win, she laughs that it was the least that she had expected. 

’The flavours combinations were new, so we really were not sure what people would think of them.  But, each of the entries won a gold prize, with the Roasted Wattleseed and Macadamia Nuts winning the Champion Chocolate. We are delighted!’ 

Chocolatier Nakamura took great pains to point out that this success is by no means just the result of hard work, but also from the support of others.

‘A lot chocolate lovers and friends have helped us and followed our journey. They have shown me true kindness and I am very grateful to them.’ 

So, what is next for Nakamura Chocolates? She says she is excited about working on more Australian inspired chocolates with the goal of releasing a box of new flavours in early 2014.  Well, I am not sure about you, but I can’t wait to see what other chocolate jewels this talented young lady will put my table! 

Yuki Nakamura with her award winning chocolates